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The Sex Doll UK

Molly Sex Doll

Molly Sex Doll

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Introducing Molly, the athletic female sex doll from The Sex Doll UK! Looking for a companion who can keep up with your active lifestyle? Look no further than Molly. With her toned physique and flexible joints, she's always ready to hit the gym or strike a pose in the bedroom. Molly is the perfect partner for adult males who appreciate a fit and fun-loving companion. Whether you're looking for a workout buddy or a night of intimate pleasure, Molly is ready to meet your every desire. Experience the benefits of having a partner who's always in peak physical condition, without the hassle of scheduling gym sessions or meal prepping. With Molly by your side, every moment is an opportunity for excitement and adventure. Don't settle for an average companion - choose Molly from The Sex Doll UK and elevate your experience to a whole new level of satisfaction!

Key Features:

1. Medical TPE, soft to touch and feeling nearly as real.

2. Fully articulated poseable mental alloy skeleton in core,makes her can pose in any position as a real woman.

3. All sex doll come with 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for your ultimate sex pleasure.

4. Privacy Guaranteed,Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and with our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence.

5. We promises: You will get 100% same as below picture dolls.if you need more pictures, please contact us.

140 CM

  • Weight: 28 Kg
  • Breast: 83 Cm
  • Waist: 47 Cm
  • Hip: 81 Cm
  • Leg: 75 Cm
  • Anus: 16 Cm
  • Vagina: 18 Cm
  • Feet: 21 Cm

168 CM

  • Weight: 42 Kg
  • Breast: 88 Cm
  • Waist: 60 Cm
  • Hip: 84 Cm
  • Leg: 82 Cm
  • Anus: 18 Cm
  • Vagina: 18 Cm
  • Feet: 25 Cm

Maintenance Guide:


1. Your doll should be cleaned every time use,with mild shower foam. The head should be taken off and cleaned separately.

2. Please keep the head away from water. When the skin becomes sticky, please clean with bath powder. Dry and use baby powder to make her smooth.

3. Please dry with a towel after cleaning and apply baby powder. DO NOT use a hair dryer.

4. Use mild shampoo to wash the hair and let it dry naturally.

5. Suggestion: please put on clothes for the doll to keep clean.

6. Be careful when moving the doll, avoid dropping / knocking / breaking.

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