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The Sex Doll UK

Curvy Torso Sex Doll

Curvy Torso Sex Doll

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Embrace a journey of allure and excitement with The Sex Doll UK's curvy torso sex doll. This captivating companion is poised to satisfy your innermost desires and spark the flames of passion within you. Allow your fantasies to roam freely as you partake in a luxurious pleasure escapade with this enticing and enchanting masterpiece. Prepare to delve into uncharted territories of sensuality and thrill with The Sex Doll UK's alluring curvy torso sex doll.

6 KG

  • Size: 43 Cm x 21 Cm x 16 Cm

9 KG

  • Size: 55 Cm x 25 Cm x 18 Cm

16 KG

  • Size: 77 Cm x 35 Cm x 25 Cm

18 KG

  • Size: 85 Cm x 40 Cm x 30 Cm


1. Take a small amount of body wash,
2. Gently knead,
3. Rinse with clean water,
4. Dry any remaining moisture and keep it dry,
5. Use protective powder to extend service life.

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