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Julia Sex Doll

Julia Sex Doll

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Julia Sex Doll

Are you ready to experience the ultimate pleasure? Introducing Julia, our high-quality female sex doll designed to fulfill all your desires. Made from Medical TPE, she is incredibly soft to touch and feels almost as real as a human being. With her fully articulated poseable metal alloy skeleton, she can easily pose in any position, just like a real woman. Whether you want to explore different angles or experiment with different scenarios, Julia is flexible and can adapt to your needs.
Julia comes with three realistic and inviting holes - anal, vaginal, and mouth - allowing you to indulge in your wildest fantasies. Each hole is carefully crafted to provide you with the utmost pleasure and satisfaction. With Julia, you can explore new levels of intimacy and create unforgettable memories.
Rest assured that your privacy is our top priority. With our discreet packaging, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your personal information and purchase details are safe. We guarantee that you will receive the exact doll shown in the pictures. For additional images or information, please feel free to contact us.

Product Features:

  • Made from Medical TPE for a realistic and soft touch
  • Fully articulated poseable metal alloy skeleton allows for various poses
  • Includes three inviting holes for ultimate pleasure - anal, vaginal, and mouth
  • Discreet packaging ensures your privacy
  • Guaranteed to receive the exact doll as shown in the pictures

140CM - 28KG

  • Weight: 28 KG
  • Breast: 83 CM
  • Waist: 47 CM
  • Hips: 81 CM
  • Leg Length: 75 CM
  • Anal Depth: 16 CM
  • Vaginal Depth: 18 CM
  • Feet Length: 21 CM

168CM - 42KG

  • Weight: 42 KG
  • Breast: 88 CM
  • Waist: 50 CM
  • Hips: 84 CM
  • Leg Length: 82 CM
  • Anal Depth: 18 CM
  • Vaginal Depth: 18 CM
  • Feet Length: 25 CM


When it comes to maintaining your Julia Sex Doll, we recommend following these guidelines:
1. Clean your doll thoroughly after each use, using mild shower foam. The head should be removed and cleaned separately.
2. Keep the head away from water and use bath powder if the skin becomes sticky. Apply baby powder to keep her smooth.
3. After cleaning, dry the doll with a towel and apply baby powder. Avoid using a hair dryer.
4. Wash the doll's hair with mild shampoo and let it naturally dry.
5. It is advisable to dress the doll in clothes to maintain cleanliness.
6. Take precautions while moving the doll to prevent any damage.


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