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Yuki Sex Doll

Yuki Sex Doll

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Introducing the Yuki Sex Doll, the ultimate pleasure companion for every man. This doll is made from medical grade TPE material, providing a soft and realistic touch that will leave you breathless. With a fully articulated poseable metal alloy skeleton at its core, the Yuki Japanese sex doll can be posed in any position, just like a real woman. Experience the ultimate pleasure with this doll's three tantalizing holes - anal, vaginal, and mouth, all designed to satisfy your deepest desires. Your privacy is guaranteed with our discreet packaging, allowing you to shop with confidence.

Let's take a look at the Yuki Sex Doll's impressive specifications. Standing at a height of 140cm and weighing 27kg, this doll is perfectly proportioned and lifelike. The TPE material combined with the metal skeleton ensures a realistic feel and durability. The measurements include a 74cm bust, 45cm waist, and 72cm hips, giving you the perfect curves to explore. The doll's cross-shoulder measurement is 31cm, with a leg length of 72cm and thigh width of 41cm. You'll also notice that the hand length is 16cm and the foot length is 21cm. The doll's intimate depths are as follows: 20cm for vaginal, 18cm for anal, and 13cm for oral. The net weight of the doll is 24kg, with a gross weight of 27kg. The package size is 118*34*28cm.

To ensure the longevity of your Yuki Sex Doll, proper maintenance is key. Clean the doll every time after use with mild shower foam, ensuring to detach the head for a separate cleaning. Avoid getting the head wet and use bath powder to maintain the doll's smoothness. Dry the doll with a towel and apply baby powder, avoiding the use of a hair dryer. Wash the hair with mild shampoo and let it air dry naturally. To keep the doll clean, it is advisable to dress her in clothes. Take extra care when moving the doll to avoid any damage. We provide a secret shipment that guarantees your privacy throughout the process.

The doll comes complete with a wig, sexy pajamas, gloves, and a comb, ensuring a fully immersive experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring this pleasure companion into your life. Indulge in unparalleled pleasure with the Yuki Sex Doll. Fulfill your fantasies and experience the ultimate satisfaction.

Height: 140cm - 27kg

  • Material: TPE metal skeleton
  • Breast: 74cm
  • Waist: 45cm
  • Hip: 72cm
  • Cross Shoulder: 31cm
  • Leg length: 72cm
  • Thigh width: 41cm
  • Palm length: 16cm
  • Foot length: 21cm
  • Vaginal Depth: 20cm
  • Anal Depth: 18cm
  • Oral Depth: 13cm
  • Net Weight: 24kg
  • Gross Weight: 27kg
  • Package size: 118*34*28cm

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